games/team building


Our session experiences are:

25 to 60 minutes in length filled with fun and highly interactive designed for small and large settings themed based as well as theme adaptable performed indoor as well as outdoor offered as continuous service (weekly, monthly) and one time stand alone events as well performed in a distraction free environment (if possible) driven by the active participation of all children and adults present.

VBS programs/Kids Church

Our Kids Church programs are

specifically designed to meet

the needs of the Childrens / Youth

Church's needs.

Kindly call us so we may speak

with you concerning your upcoming

event. We would love to come &

serve your children/youth!

Our rates are affordable and vary.


Mr. Chris Live on stage
Mr. Chris Live on stage

Mr. Chris @ Pilgrim Nursery
Mr. Chris @ Pilgrim Nursery

Baisley Park Library 2016
Baisley Park Library 2016

Mr. Chris Live on stage
Mr. Chris Live on stage